Hygge is the concept of cosiness, warmth and enjoying life that makes the Danes the happiest nation in the world (despite the cold weather!). If winter is your least favourite season here are eight hygge-inspired ways to make it much nicer.

ways to enjoy hygge

Light some candles

The Danes are said to get through more candles than any other country in the world. Candles can create a cosy de-stressing ambience any day of the week, so don’t just save them for a special occasion – light them every day.

Enjoy a bowl of steaming soup

Warming drinks and soups are a big part of the hygge experience. A comforting bowl of soup will fill you up without too many calories too so you can indulge without worrying about your waistline. Canned soups, such as our favourite Heinz Classic Tomato Soup, are often just as low cal as fresh or homemade soups, which is handy as they are super convenient.

Embrace the outdoors

The hygge way means donning gloves, a hat and warm boots and enjoying a brisk walk on a cold crisp day.

Warm your clothes on the radiator before getting dressed

Even something this simple can add to your happiness on a chilly day.

Share a meal with good friends

Eating and socialising is a key part of hygge, so invite your favourite people around and just enjoy each other’s company (to keep it stress-free keep the food simple or ask people to bring a dish). A girls’ night in works just as well.

Get snuggly

Think warm soft jumpers, furry slippers and plenty of cushions and soft throws and you’re along the right lines. Curling up under a duvet while you read a book or watch TV counts as hygge too!

Use a slow cooker

Slow cookers lend themselves to wintery, yet healthy casseroles that fit well with the hygge ethos. And if you leave food cooking while you’re out, you’ll come home to the mouthwatering smell of dinner… Mmmm.

Hug more

Touch is powerful and hugs with your partner or child can increase positive feelings and improved health. If there’s no special human in your life right now, indulge some quality time on a pet instead. Your pet will love it, and research shows that people who frequently stroke their pets have lower stress levels and blood pressure too.