Making the pizza dough into a cone shape is easy and it turns them into the perfect hand-held snack. Ideal for party food, canapés or kids!

Watch our video and see the details below.

Pizza cones recipe

Makes – 4
Prep – 10 minutes
Cook  – 18 minutes

What you need:
2 x 220g ready-made pizza dough
1tbsp olive oil
100g sliced pepperoni
300g jar cherry tomato and basil pasta sauce
150g mini mozzarella
100g pimento stuffed
olives, halved
Few basil leaves

What to do:
1. Heat the oven to 200°c, gas 6. First make a baking cone – take a roll of bacofoil unroll a little, fold one end up to make a triangle then cut along the vertical edge. Repeat 3 times.

2. Twist the bottom corner of the triangles up to the central point and wrap around right corner to make a cone. Fold over ends to secure and check they stand up.

3. Roll each piece of dough until it’s 18cm across. Cut into two triangles and brush water around the edges. Wrap the dough around the cone.

4. Stand point upwards on a baking tray and bake them for 15 minutes until golden.

5. Fry the pepperoni for 3 minutes to heat up. Meanwhile microwave the sauce in the jar for 2 minutes then remove foil an stand the pizza cones in mugs. Add a spoonful of sauce, some pepperoni, a couple of mozzarella balls, olives and basil leaves.

6. Place on a baking tray and bake for 5 minutes, or microwave for 2 minutes.