Mascara is the one make-up staple we rely on day in day out, but many of us fall into the same old way of applying it.

And while we’re not knocking your old tried-and -tested techniques, there is a way of applying it that you may not have tried that will lengthen lashes even more.

By holding the wand vertically, rather than horizontally, you an get right into the corners of the lash line and coat each one individually.

Here’s what you need to do

For the top lashes

Firstly, hold your brush horizontally and carefully follow the natural curve of your lashes in a sweeping motion. Coat as many of your lashes as possible with an even layer of the product. Don’t worry about the corners for the moment – we’ll tackle those next!

For the corners

Once you’ve applied a coat of mascara to the majority of your lashes, it’s time to pay some extra care and attention to the corners. Rotate your mascara wand so that you’re holding vertically with the brush pointing upwards.