Having a brighter, whiter smile tops beauty wish lists for women everywhere, but teeth whitening treatments sure are expensive…

But did you know that the secret to pearly whites is sitting in the fruit and veg ailse? We’re all in favour of finding natural remedies for our beauty ailments and in this case it’s the humble strawberry that’s taking centre stage.

Strawberries are packed with malic acid, which acts like an exfoliator for your teeth. By mixing it with 2tsps of bicarbonate soda, which is known for its whitening properties, you are creating polishing tooth paste that will brighten your smile if used just once a week!

And it costs less than a fiver!

Here are our other tops tips for keeping your teeth looking healthy and white…

1. Brush your teeth BEFORE breakfast
Crazy but a must-do! Apparently if you brush your teeth within an hour of eating, you will brush off your enamel so it’s best to brush before.

2. Tea can prevent cavities!
Apparently according to the Readers Digest flavonoids and other ingredients found in tea prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to teeth as well as blocking the production of a type of sugar that contributes to cavities. This is all thanks to the fact tea contains high amounts of fluoride, so get drinking!

3. Stop! Don’t rinse!
Word on the street is that you don’t need to rinse your mouth with water after brushing! Yes it’s true! Dr Chris van Tulleken says, “Just spit out what’s left in your mouth. By not rinsing, the fluoride stays in your mouth longer and continues to do its job.”

4. Drink water after a meal
This may be something you do DURING your meal but it’s important to do it afterwards too. Drinking water will clear out your mouth and wash away any stray foody bits and sugar that may linger on your teeth causing cavities.

5. Be careful what you eat!
‘Have a healthy balanced diet’ says Dr Mark Hughes the founder of the Harley Street Dental Group, “Avoid sugary and acidic foods as this creates erosion and decay of the teeth.”