When it comes to sharing pizza, the big question is are you toppings, crusts, or both?

Sharing pizza can be a tricky business. There is always someone who doesn’t like anchovies or cant stand olives, the person that leaves all their crusts, then the one who goes right in for the best slice first (you know who you are….)

So, a couple of very clever, pizza loving mathematicians at Liverpool University have come up with a foolproof formula for slicing your favourite pizza, whether it’ s a simple margarita or a topping laden American Hot. And it turns out weve all been doing it very wrong!

Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley claim this method means the pizza picker upper can choose exactly what they want, whether thats crusts, no crusts, more or less toppings, and eliminating those toppings they are not so keen on…

Here is how the pair suggest you slice a pizza to keep everyone happy….

STEP ONE: Cut three curved lines through the pizza, so you have six slices with curved edges.

STEP TWO: Cut each curved slice in half so one part has mostly crust and the other has mostly topping.

STEP THREE: Continue halving each slice until the pizza is divided equally.

And enjoy!

Many thanks to Pizza Express for providing us with this delicious margarita!