We all love a cocktail or two, especially during the summer months, but as delicious as they are, they’re also usually laden with sugar.

These three summer cocktails are all under 200 cals, so you can enjoy, guilt free! (Or have double…)


For a new twist on a STC style Cosmo, try this refreshing pomegranate martini instead. Vodka is the lowest cal spirit, keeping this short and sweet drink under 200 cals. Squeeze in some lime for extra flavour.

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A summery version of our favourite ever long drink, topped with plenty of fresh mint and cucumber to enhance the flavour. Opt for low cal tonic if you want to be really well behaved!

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This tasty Italian spirit actually has virtually the same amount of calories per shot as vodka and it makes a delicious addition to prosecco! We’ve garnished ours with a cherry, but a raspberry or slice of lemon would work just as well!

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