Ok ladies, this is how to get a toned tummy quickly! It’s all about the plank!

The plank is brilliant for developing strength and muscular endurance in your core,’ says trainer Scott Laidler. Which is why we’ve incorporated it into our Fit&Well 30 day challenge: Toned tum. ‘But, as with all exercise, be wary of overexertion, keep your workout focused on your personal goals, and if you’re concerned about pre-existing injuries, seek expert advice.’

Laidler also advises you to practise lower strain exercises first, such as the superman (lie on your stomach and lift your arms and legs up away from the floor) to assess your core strength. Done the right way the plank can help you strengthen both your upper and lower body, and improve your posture and increase flexibility.

Before your get started, here’s Scott’s safe planking guide

  • PROTECT YOUR BACK by keeping it straight, and engage your abdominals to take pressure away from your lower back.
  • PLACE YOUR WEIGHT THROUGH YOUR SHOULDERS and ensure they’re in line with your elbow joints.
  • STOP IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE and are putting your body under strain.
  • GOOD ABDOMINAL-BOOSTING EXERCISES are lunges, reverse crunches and toe taps (lie on your back with your legs forming a right angle and slowly lower one foot to the ground and back up before switching legs.)