What do Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Kate Hudson all have in common? A beautifully toned back. You may not give that area of your body much thought, but an athletic back looks elegant and sexy, and will also help you improve your posture. This means you’ll look slimmer too. Find out how to get a stronger back by having a go at our 30 day challenge: Stronger back.

What’s more toning up this area can also help prevent debilitating back and neck pain – something lots of us suffer from, especially if we’re stuck at our desks all day.

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‘There’s a lot you can do to protect your back,’ says personal trainer Anna Reich. ‘Make sure you sit up straight to avoid putting stress on your supporting ligaments, tendons and muscles. Set an hourly reminder on your phone to get into the habit of standing up and walking around – this will also help you burn calories, too. Swap your high heels, which are linked to lower back pain, for flatter shoes with just a small heel (at least on your commute), and try and avoid carrying heavy handbags. If you have to, make sure you switch shoulders regularly.

Watch our video to find out how you can get a stronger, sleeker back.