What you’ll need

A small flat make-up brush for applying eyeshadow

A small blending eyeshadow brush

A larger blending eyeshadow brush

A lighter, more natural shade of eyeshadow in gold, grey or brown

A darker shade of eyeshadow in brown or black


We used the i-Divine make-up pallette in Storm and Lethal Length Mascara by Sleek


How to do a smokey eye

1. Apply your lighter shade liberally to your lid using the small flat make-up brush, making sure the colour covers it evenly. Try using a shade with a subtle metallic effect for a sultry summer make-up look.

2. Using your smaller blending brush, work the darker shade into the crease of your eyelid, building up the colour gradually. Blend upwards, towards your brows. However far you want to go depends on how dramatic you want your smokey eye to be, but we recommend starting with a subtle look!

3. Still using the smaller blending brush, work the darker shade around the outer corner of your eye – the colour should look more intense here.

4. Using the larger blending brush, soften the look by blending both colours together.

5. Using the smaller, flat make-up brush again, apply a soft line of darker shadow under your lower lash line. Blend again with the larger blending brush if you need to soften it.

6. Apply lashings of mascara for full and fluttery lashes – and you’re good to go!


Make-up by Olivia Brown at Sleek