How much sugar is in what you eat every day? Do you really know? We’ve all be told to stay away from sweets, and cut out biscuits if we want to stay healthy and lose a bit of weight, but what about all the other foods we eat?

There are hidden sugars in many of our favourite foods, and it’s important to know how much sugar we eat daily in order to maintain a health and balanced diet.

An apple-a-day might keep the doctor away, but there are even hidden sugars in the fruit we love! Although these natural sugars aren’t as bad for us as the amount of sugar in a can of coke, we still need to know how much sugar we are taking in.

Keep the amount of sugar in your diet to a minimum is a great way to lose weight, de-bloat, and prevent break outs and blemishes. It will also improve your health (and we’re sure many dentists would agree – it’s good for your teeth too!)


Cutting out how much sugar she ate every day was also how singing sensation Adele managed to lose three stone and get her new, slimmer, fabulous figure! READ HER DIET PLAN HERE.