Not only are braids a pretty style for summer holidays and BBQs, they’re also a great way to tackle humidity or style hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days.

However, braids can be daunting. A lot of braided styles look super technical and difficult to get right, but this summer style is actually really easy to create.

To get your hair prepared for this style, we recommend washing it the day before with Duck & Dry’s new Up & Away Feather Light shampoo and conditioner. This beautifully scented range will give your hair volume and texture, while gently moisturising for a glossy shine.

Pulled braids are the latest trend, as they are a much more flattering look. To get the look, you simply need to plait the hair very tightly, secure with a band at the bottom and then gently pull on the braids for a more voluminous style. That’s the most important thing to remember when trying this style, and don’t worry if it gets a little messy – it’s not meant to look perfect!

This look suits all hair types and textures, but we think braids look great with a beached, wavy style, whether its been created using tongs or you’ve just left your hair to dry naturally for a tousled look. Try salt spray (we love John Masters Sea Salt Spray with Lavender, from £5) from the mid-lengths to the ends after styling, or on damp hair for a more natural look.

We recommend trying the style on hair that hasn’t just been washed, as the plaits won’t hold as well. If you do want to wash your hair on the day of trying the style, run a little dry shampoo (we love the COLAB A Model Recommends range – it smells amazing!) to give your hair some extra texture and grip.

Thank you to Duck & Dry London for the use of their beautiful salon and styling advice.