What’s not to love about this Crème Egg billionaire biscuit bake!

This incredible no bake, fridge cake is out of this world! Packed full of chocolate and with a make-your-own creme egg filling it pays homepage to the original Cadbury’s recipe! We are hooked on this Crème Egg no bake billionaire biscuit, it’s a must try for Easter weekend…


First layer:

380g crushed digestive biscuits

210g melted un-salted butter

Second layer:

330g of white fondant icing

100g white caster sugar

100ml water

vanilla extract

Orange food colouring

Third layer:

400g Cadbury milk chocolate – melted

Bag of mini crème eggs


First layer:

Grease and line a square or rectangle baking tin with butter and grease-proof paper

Take the crushed digestive biscuits and mix them with the melted un-salted butter in a bowl. When combined, fill the bottom of your tray with the mixture and press it down into the base to make a solid, compact first layer.

Put your tray in the fridge to set while you create the second layer.

Second layer:

Grate the fondant icing into a bowl.

Next create a sugar syrup using 100g of white caster sugar and 100ml cool water, mixed together in a pan over heat until the mixture is boiling. Set aside to cool. Once cooled, add a spoonful of vanilla extract.

Add the sugar syrup a tablespoon at a time to the fondant icing and stir vigorously until the icing becomes creamy (like the middle of a crème egg!)

When the fondant mixture is ready, pour it into the tray over your first layer until the it is even. Then take the orange food colouring and add evenly spaced dots of colour to the fondant layer. Make small circles out of the orange dots with a spoon in the mixture (like little egg yolks).

Third layer:

Pop the tray into the fridge whilst you melt the milk chocolate in a bowl over boiling water and then pour it on top of the crème layer.

Cut the mini crème eggs in half and place on top of the chocolate for decoration, before returning the tray to the fridge one last time for the chocolate to set.

Then just slice up and enjoy!