The sun is shining (hopefully) and you’re with your pals enjoying a picnic – what better way to celebrate the moment than with a delicious fruity cocktail fresh out of a can?

Cocktails in a can are a handy way to enjoy a tasty, summery drink while on the move, and you now have even more choice thanks to the launch of four new flavours from Marks and Spencer.

The new flavours include three varieties of spritzer (apertivo, cherry and peach), as well as a classy vermouth and tonic. Your tastebuds won’t know what’s hit them.

The spritzers will contain a refreshing mix of wine and juice, while the vermouth and tonic is pretty much what it says on the tin (sorry).

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The cherry spritzer is a mix of rose and cherry juice, while the peach spritzer combines sweet peach juice and white wine. The apertivo goes back to basics, with the classic blend of white wine and fragrant orange bitters.

The cocktails will be sold for £2 a can, with an alcoholic content (ABV) of 5.5%.


The four, which have just launched, will join an impressive roster of portable punches from the supermarket chain, including a blackberry gin bramble, a pornstar martini and a raspberry mojito, alongside old faves like gin and tonic.

M&S cocktails out of a can are quite in vogue at the moment, thanks to some high profile names taking a swig from the sweet pre-mixed spirits.

The second season of Fleabag saw Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s central character raise a toast of canned gin and tonic to the sexy priest, played by Andrew Scott. Sales of the drink shot up at M&S stores up and down the country.

Shadow home secretary Dianne Abbott was also photographed drinking a tinnie of M&S mojito on the London Overground recently, forcing her to issue an apology on Twitter.

However, the apology didn’t stop Twitter fans, as many stores promptly sold out of the mojito drink after the photo went viral.

So head down to your local Marks and Spencer and get yourself one of the new cans in time for a rumoured heatwave coming very soon.

There is sadly no promise of blazing heat, but you can guarantee a tasty tipple.