Reduce time and waste in the kitchen by following Food Ed Felicity's recipe. Cook a little extra and use the leftovers to make a light meal the next day.

Using veg instead of beef or lamb mince reduces the saturated fat content, while lentils ad fibre. Go on, serve it up- they'll love it!

A great one-pot dinner of spiced chicken couscous. Use the leftovers to make a feta couscous salad.

Whether you use fresh, frozen or leftover cooked vegetables you can turn them into a wonderful warming winter vegetable soup that's perfect for lunch and costs very little.

The perfect mid-week dinner, this peppery meatball recipe is a hearty and satisfying easy meal anyone can do!

Nothing beats a warming beef stew and this one is the easiest ever! Plus why not use the leftovers as a base for a hearty soup tomorrow - two meals…

Roasted vegetables and cous cous are perfect to serve on their own for a lunch time snack or with our lovely roast lamb or salmon.

Love your leftovers

*Save money *Stop waste*Shop smart *Eat well Food Ed Felicity shows you how to cook delicious food on a budget!

Use up leftovers to make this deliciously creamy fish dinner...