Want to lose half a stone in a month? Writer Kirstin Chaplin took our New Year Soup Swap Challenge to see if it could be done

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Time crunching my working hours into shortened days to fit around my family means that, come lunch-time, I’m lucky if I have time to boil to egg!

So when I heard about the New Year 30-Day Soup Swap Challenge – with its promise of half a stone weight loss – I jumped at it.

The plan is simple. Swap one meal a day for a 400g bowl of filling soup which can he homemade, from a carton or a tin.

For the sake of ease I opted for tinned soups.

Spoilt for choice in the supermarket I decided to buy as wide a range of soups as possible to keep things interesting. The filling and tasty Heinz Big Soups were ideal for hungry days and I also loved the spicy fusion options including Chicken Soup With Aromatic Thai Spices and Tomato with Spanish Chorizo.

At the start of my challenge I added a small piece of bread, as recommended. But after a few days I found I didn’t want, or need it as the soup itself was satisfying enough.

Knowing I had a stockpile of ready-in-minutes meals in the cupboard meant I always ate lunch and didn’t end up grabbing a handful of biscuits in a hunger-induced frenzy later in the afternoon. And costing around £7 for the week, it was great value too.

Best of all, I was amazed to find I’d lost 6lbs by the end of the month changing nothing more than one meal a day! My jeans were looser and my tummy was flatter. After years of struggling to lose a few pounds, I couldn’t believe it could be so easy.