Hair loss can be devastating, but you can get your confidence back. 5 real women reveal how they sorted their thinning hair woes…

It’s completely normal to shed around 50 – 100 hairs every day, but what if you’re noticing it’s a lot more than that?

Millions of women suffer with hair loss in Britain every year, and it’s not always simply a part of the ageing process. Factors such as stress, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalance or an underlying health issue can all contribute towards excessive hair loss, and it can be a real shock when it happens.

Hair loss takes its toll psychologically. For many women, their hair is a major part of their identity, and noticing it’s thinning can lead to their confidence plummeting. “I didn’t feel like me anymore,” “I felt self conscious around my friends and like that’s all they would notice about me,” “I lost any desire to bother with my usual hair and make-up routine” – these were just some of the comments from women who have had to deal with sudden hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

-Stress. Any kind of stress or trauma – such as an accident, surgery or even the flu! – can lead to temporary hair loss. Your hair has its own life span; the growth phase, rest phase and shedding phase.

-Pregnancy. Hormones can have a big effect on your hair. Pregnancy-related hair loss is more common after the baby is born, rather than during the pregnancy, and is often temporary. Birth control prescriptions have also been linked to thinning hair.

-Lack of protein. Your diet massively affects how you look and a lack of protein will soon start to show as thinning hair. To combat this, just increase meat, fish, eggs and pulses in your diet.

-Hereditary causes. Androgenic or androgenetic alopecia, is a genetic issue affecting millions of women in the UK every year.

-Anaemia. Anaemia is an iron deficiency, and symptoms include pale skin, weakness, fatigue – and thinning hair. Iron supplements can help.

So what can I do about it?

We asked six women who have been through it to share their advice on how to deal with hair loss and get your confidence back…

Ditch the heavy conditioners

“Products that weigh down your hair will only make it look flat and lifeless. After my hair began to thin I started getting creative with styling products and haven’t look back. My personal favourite is Batiste Dry-styling Volume Powder, £3.39, which creates volume in a matter of seconds.” Katherine, 49

Use it as a reason to reassess your diet and nutrient levels

“After my hair started thinning I went for a total health MOT, and realised I was anaemic. Acting off the advice of a nutritionist, I upped protein in my diet and started taking some supplements. Not only did I notice a difference in my hair, but I also felt trimmer and healthier – bonus!” Anne, 37

Try some new styles

“Ok, I’m not talking about the female equivalent of the dreaded ‘comb-over’, but there are certain ways to style your hair that will conceal any patchiness. Use it as an opportunity to try something new. And experimenting with hats, headbands and headscarves is another option.” Joan, 56

Use a scalp-stimulating shampoo

Since my hair started thinning, I’ve learnt a lot about the technical side of hair growth! One thing I’d stress to anyone dealing with hair loss is that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and the right products really can help. I use Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo, £9, and leave it on for a good few minutes so that the caffeine complex can stimulate the roots.” Natalie, 33

Book a day in the salon

“Clever cutting and colouring can make a big difference. I always had long hair in a mousy shade, but decided to have a change when my hair started thinning. A shorter bob style made my hair look much thicker, while highlights camouflaged any sparse patches.” Caroline, 42