There is nothing more satisfying then taking something completely ordinary and turning it into something wonderfully extraordinary.

So we have to applaud the creativity of the owner of this small garden shed, as its contents managed to shock us all!

Ashley Yeates came up with the concept to take a small outside space and, rather than just using it as a place to store odds and ends, for it to become and safe and fun place for his family and friends to hang out in.

We guarantee that when you see what is inside this shed you will want one in your own back garden, too!

The plan for the shed may not look that remarkable… 


And the structure is not exactly huge!


These walls look pretty ordinary to us


And, while the outside of the shed may have a cute little porch area, it looks like plenty we have seen before


Until you look inside!


It is actually a mini movie theatre!


Complete with cinema style lighting and traditional seating. And, of course, plenty of sweet treats to choose from…


Fancy playing some games after the film? There is a whole shelf to choose from


We bet this house is the most popular on the street! 

Photographs and design by The Torrii Cinema Company