The worst city in the UK in which to raise children has just been revealed – and the answer probably won’t be much of a surprise…

According to new research, the capital has been given the unfavourable crown of worst city to raise a child in, due to its high crime rates and expensive homes. However, we suppose this recent development isn’t news to most people!

The research took a look at which cities around the UK were most suited to family life, analysing factors including house prices, school rankings, crime rates and access to green spaces. And unsuprisingly, London came bottom of the pile for most of these categories…

The house prices in the capital certainly don’t help. Given that the average house price in London is around £483,803, it makes sense that it’s a hard city for families to settle in. The average house price figure also puts London way behind places like Newcastle and Liverpool in the rankings, who boast far more affordable properties.

So what about the most family friendly city?

This new research suggests that the best place to raise children is Newcastle. Why? The Geordie city scored well across all of the categories, especially house price, as homeowners usually pay around £161,255.

The survey also found that parents should consider taking a look at Derby, given it’s low house prices and low levels of crime. You could also check out Wolverhampton, which also scored well across the board.

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Take a look at the top 10 worst cities to raise children in…is yours on there?

1.    London

2.    Newry

3.    Armagh

4.    Leeds

5.    Bradford

6.    Sheffield

7.    Glasgow

8.    Kingston upon Hull

9.    Brighton and Hove

10.    Birmingham

So hands up – who’s moving? Does your city feature on the list? Where do YOU think is the best place to raise a child? Why? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook page!