This woman has proven why dress sizes don't matter. It's all about body confidence and ignoring the clothing industry's inaccuracies...

How many times have you left a shop disappointed because an item didn’t fit in your regular dress size? Or have you felt embarrassed to have to ask for a bigger size?

It is a battle so many women are faced with and sometimes, regardless of how much you try to act like the strong, positive, independent woman that you are,  it can be a little disheartening.

But one woman has taken to Facebook to prove why dress sizes just do not matter.

Michelle Elman posted this inspirational message on Facebook for all the women that sometimes forget they are more than a dress size.

Michelle revealed that she had found a dress in her wardrobe that she hadn’t worn in years. The dress was  a size 14 but she bought it when she was a size 12.

She is now a size 20 but the dress still fits. She posted the picture of her side-by-side back in 2012 when she was a size 12 and now.

Michelle said: “This proves that numbers don’t mean anything. So are you really going to let a change in dress size dictate your day? Are you really going to let an increase in number affect your mood?”

The point is, if you are – you shouldn’t! This is the same dress and it is all about how you feel not the size written on the label.

Michelle highlighted this: “You could go up a dress size by simply changing stores… (or countries). You can change dress sizes because of the time of day or simply due to whether you are on your period or not.”

She has received lots of positive comments for her post that will undoubtedly resonate with hundreds of women. One person commented: “Just an illustration on how frustrating it is to be a woman…no matter your size.”

Another added: “All clothes are made different, just because you wear a size 10 in one brand. You may need a 12 in another brand, or even a 14…Beauty comes from within, not the size you wear.”

Michelle’s post comes just a few days after a girl’s post went viral for calling out H&M on their dress sizes. Lowri Byrne, a 22-year-old student from Swansea, posted on Facebook asking H&M to sort their sizes out.

Lowri Byrne

Please sort your sizes out because this is absolutely ridiculous! I’m a size 12 and small busted and today in a H&M store I had to ask if this dress came in a size 18 (it didn’t…). The dress I…

Lowri said: “I’m a size 12 and small busted and today in a H&M store I had to ask if this dress came in a size 18 (it didn’t…). The dress I have on in these photos is a size 16, and I could barely breathe.”

Lowri’s story stuck a chord with several fellow shoppers who all began sharing their similar stories. One said: “H&M have ridiculous sizing. Sometimes I wear a size 16 or XL and it fits fine but most of the time I walk out of there without buying anything. I just wish there was more streamlining across all stores with sizing.”

So if you take anything from this it should be to love yourself! The size of your dress should not influence how happy you are.