If there was ever a reason to reclaim your Saturday lie in, this is it.

Women actually need a very substantial 3 hours more sleep then men, and not getting it can lead to some serious health problems. So set that alarm a little later!

Professor Jim Horne, director of Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre, said that ‘for women, poor sleep is strongly associated with high levels of psychological distress and greater feelings of hostility, depression, and anger.

‘In contrast, these feelings were not associated with the same degree of sleep disruption in men.’

It’s all to do with the way our brains are wired, as women are said to have more complicated thought processes.

‘Women’s brains are wired differently from men’s and are more complex, so their sleep need will be slightly greater,’ said Prof Horne.

‘The more of your brain you use during the day, the more of it that needs to recover and, consequently, the more sleep you need.

‘Women tend to multi-task – they do lots at once and are flexible – and so they use more of their actual brain than men do.

‘Because of that, their sleep need is greater.’

This is, of course, flexible and a great deal of how much sleep we need comes down to genetics and what we have become accustomed to.

Some people need 10 hours a night to feel alert throughout the next day, where as others, most famously Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, can function on as little as 3 to 5 hours a night. Though she may be an exceptional case…

Having said this, there are some men who may require more shuteye then others.

But there is a small exception.

‘A man who has a complex job that involves a lot of decision making and lateral thinking may also need more sleep than the average male,’ Prof Horne added.

‘Though probably still not as much as a woman.’

It’s official, you better get practicing your breakfast in bed making skills, guys!

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