Endless surveys, countless stats and polls claim to know the REAL reason why men cheat. We’ve put together a profile of the most likely cheater…You’ve been warned!


Here’s our definitive guide to which type of man is more likely to cheat…

(NB. If your husband happens to be a bearded, northern guy called Wayne who works in IT, please don’t take this as gospel and give him a hard time this evening!)

Northern men

A poll carried out by Jan Taber Research said that 45% of women interviewed in the North and Midlands said their men had been unfaithful.

Bearded men

Like your man with some designer stubble, or even a full-on beard? Whiskered blokes are apparently much more likely to cheat! Eva and Censuswide surveyed 2000 people to determine attitudes towards facial hair.

They found 47% of men with facial hair had cheated on their partner, compared to 20% clean-shaven men.

Their friends cheat

Watch the company your man keeps, as if he doesn’t express any disapproval of his friends doing the dirty, that’s a bad sign. According to a survey by M. Gary Newman, author of The Truth About Cheating, 77% of men who cheat also have cheating friends.

They’ve cheated before

It’s not that you shouldn’t give someone a second chance, but history does have a habit of repeating itself… Keep an open mind, but when it comes to chances, a second is generous enough.

Their dad cheated

Apparently when it comes to cheating, genes can be responsible for a lot. Studies have show that if an example of cheating has been set earlier on by a father, sons are more likely to follow. It doesn’t guarantee that cheating gets passed between generations, but a family history could be a warning sign.


A study of 2,000 women found Wayne ranked as the least trustworthy name in love. Erm, we’ll just leave you to ponder that one…

Tall Guys

A study from Illicitencounters.com found that men over 5’10 are TWICE as likely to cheat on their partner.

Men who work in IT

Well we never! Who knew those shy and retiring IT fellas were up to no good?!

A new survey by AshleyMadsion.com concludes that these are the occupations of the most likely men to cheat:

IT/Engineer (10.6%)
Financial Industry (8.2%)
Education (6.5%)
Doctors (4.6%)
Lawyers (3.8%)

Computer guys, you’re meant to use your knowledge of code for good – not finding a mistress online!

**We recommend you take this article with a heavy pinch of salt!**