It’s amazing just how much a simple geometrical shape can say about your personality traits and temper!

Simply look at the image and choose which shape you are most drawn to, then take a look at the results below… Let us know how you get on!

Yellow rectangle

You always manage to see the positives in situations, even when others find situations difficult. You think logically and keep calm under pressure… A great person to have around in a crisis!

Orange square

You can be sociable, but often enjoy just spending time alone chilling out. You like your own company,

Red oval

You certainly have temper on you! You can be quite hot headed, but have a heart of gold and, as long as people keep on the right side of you, you are a loyal and faithful friend.

Purple triangle

You love being pampered and care a great deal about your appearance. Your ideal weekend break would be a spa trip with the girls.

Blue circle

You like to keep things simple and are very laid back. You love immersing yourself in nature and are happiest when surrounded by just a few good friends, chatting the night away.

Red square

You are very intelligent and assertive, often providing solutions to tricky problems. People respect your opinion and often come to you if they want some honest advice.

Green circle

You are confident, bubbly and always get noticed where ever you go! However, you are also kind and welcoming, meaning you can get on with all different kinds of people.

Blue triangle

You are a fun, positive and happy person who others love to be around. Often the voice of reason, your friends come to you for advice.

Brown triangle

You like to think of yourself as an individual and make your own mind up about things. You can be quite stubborn.

Black rectangle

You are very perceptive and good at reading people and situations. You are not afraid to speak your mind either.