Few things are more irksome than hunkering down in your bed at the night, only to have to flick on the side lamp when nature comes a calling.


Yep frequent night-time loo trips – a condition known as nocturia – are the enemy of slumber seekers everywhere. And scientists may finally have found underlying reason behind this sleep-time phenomenon.

Night-time loo trips – is this the solution?

Researchers in Japan conducted a study using 300 volunteers and found that those who cut down on their salt intake had the urge to pee less.

Study participants started their journey with a high salt intake and sleeping problems. And after 3 months of their modified diet trips to the loo – on average – fell from more than twice nightly to just one.

While Prof Marcus Drake – a nocturia expert from the University of Bristol – pointed out the amount of water patients drank before they hit the hay and bladder and prostate problems (in men) were also responsible for the rush to flush, he did have good things to say about the study findings:

“Here we have a useful study showing how we need to consider all influences to get the best chance of improving the symptom.”

So if you want to count as many zzzs as possible, it may be time to ditch that salt shaker!