This vintage brainteaser will determine whether you are a workaholic!

Here’s a little vintage puzzle that claims to be able to discover how much of a workaholic you are.

Take a glance at this image of a desk and see if you can spot what’s amiss with the picture.

At first glance, the desk looks perfectly ordinary (albeit a little retro). But can you spot the hidden mistake?

According to Playbuzz, true workaholics will find it in an instant!


Still struggling?

The old-fashioned desk is filled with paperwork, books, and a calendar. Take a closer look at the calendar and see if anything unusual catches your eye.

Scroll down for the big reveal!


The date on the calendar is wrong! June 31 does not exist, since there are only 30 days in June.

If you managed to spot the mistake then you’re probably a workaholic and are working way too much overtime, suggest the makers of the puzzle. Haha.

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