Fancy making a profit on your 50p coins? Of course you do!

Your stash of 50p coins may say 50p, but they could actually be worth far more than face value, according to a Royal Mint employee.

That’s because there are hoards of unique 50ps that are considered rare, because of how many were minted. And they could bag you hundreds of pounds.

Specfically, the coins that could win you a small fortune are a range of Kew Gardens Chinese pagoda coins. The coins were brought out in 2009 with the unique pagoda design on them, put together by President of the Royal Academy Christopher Le Brun.

Although it looks great, it’s its ‘unique’ factor is what gives it it’s high price tag. Only 210,000 of these coins were minted. Seems like a lot, right? But not when you hear that there’s usually over a billion 50p pieces in circulation.

The 50p coins are apparently so valuable to collectors that many will pay between £200 – £400 for them – over 50 times their actual value!

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According to the Daily Mail, only one in 300 of us will have been lucky enough to have held one of these rare coins in our purses at one time.

And the coins are only getting rarer. As collectors snap them up, there are less around. So if you find one, you’ll definitely want to hold on to it!

But it turns out that that’s not the only 50p coin that could rake you in the money.

The other, valuable 50p coins…

A coin created in honour of the World Wildlife Fund in 2011 is now said to be one of the most valuable out there.

The 50p, which features 50 cartoons of different animals, is said to sell for around £200, if kept in pristine condition.

And there’s another, rather humourous, coin explaining the famed ‘off-side rule’.

Created for the London 2012 Olympics, it’s said that this one could fetch you as much as £10.

1,125,500 of these were minted – a tiny number compared to the total 53 million coins made for the ‘Sporting Series’ collection for the Olympics.

Third most valuable is a triathlon coin, which might earn you £4.20. A small number, but still a profit!

A judo coin could also help you win £3.40 – way more than 50p. The 5th is a wrestling coin, which could be worth £2.90.

A particularly sweet, rare coin, is one that features a childhood favourite character, Jemima Puddle-Duck.

The adorable duck for the Beatrix Potter series was created for the author’s 150th birthday in 2016. Squirrel Nutkin is the seventh in the list too. Remarkably, these coins are even being sold for around £300 on eBay!

Beatrix Potter is a particularly attractive pull for collectors – just this year commemorative coins with the face of Peter Rabbit on them have been created. And those ones now sell for around £10 to collectors.

We don’t know about you, but we’re off to have a hunt through our spare change. Fingers crossed!