While many of us are accomplished in how to make a good G&T, there’s actually a lot to learn about the spirit of the moment.

In the past year we’ve seen various gin-making classes, gin courses and even a gin hotel. But now there’s a whole school dedicated to all things gin. Because after all, we all want to know what the best gin for gin and tonic is…

Listoke Distillery has been making headlines as Ireland’s first ever school dedicated to juniper. And it also looks to be an extremely beautiful setting too.

A day at gin school sounds delightful in comparison to our studies growing up… Students begin their day with refreshments, then get a tour around rural estate, taking in spectacular views of the Irish countryside.

They’re then given a crash course in different gin flavours and botanicals. Once they’ve learnt the intricacies of flavouring gin, students are given the chance to make their very own bottle of gin.

Students will craft their very own bottle of gin from scratch, finding out the best accompanying tonics and flavours along the way. With accompanying snacks and G&Ts, of course. Yum.

A class costs 95 euros (approximately £81) per person. But tickets are already selling out fast. If you can’t make it all the way to Ireland, you could try out the Gin Hotel instead. Find out more here….