For many it’s as an essential part of the pre-flight ritual as buying your minis from Boots and a book from Smiths.

But pre-holiday pints could now become a thing of the past. The House of Lords recently announced they’ll be much stricter rules when it comes to airport drinking.

Currently, airport bars and pubs have a fairly relaxed approach. They don’t have to abide by alcohol restrictions law in the Licensing Act 2003.

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Serving times are pretty lax and strict age restrictions don’t apply. But this looks all set to change.

A parliamentary select committee have released

Some airlines are supporting the proposed restrictions, such as Jet2 Airlines, who gave evidence to the parliamentary select committee looking into the case.

The airline’s submission read: ‘These incidents range from passengers being verbally abusive to crew or fellow passengers to incidents which endanger safety, such attempting to open cabin doors.

‘ have dealt with 536 such disruptive incidents this summer alone, over half are reported to have been fuelled by alcohol.’

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So what do you think? Would you miss a drink at the airport? Or does it only offer up the opportunity for passengers to get drunk and reckless, annoying everybody on the plane. Let us know on our Facebook page – @womanmagazine.