Following on from the smash-hit success of The Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown’s follow-up book, Angels & Demons, INFERNO is the latest epic adventure in the series. Set in the beautiful city of Florence, the film follows Robert Langdon (aka. Tom Hanks) on his latest nail-biting adventure after he finds himself the target of a manhunt while solving the most intricate riddle he’s ever faced.

Visiting Florence in Italy, you will be immersed in many of the locations from the film. Palazzo Vecchio, one of the first places visited by Langdon in the film, is difficult to miss as it grandly looms over Piazza della Signoria. See Salone dei 500 and the secret passages of the Duke of Athens, before admiring the Hall of Geographical Maps, the Capriate, the balconies and Dante’s infamous death Mask.

Stay right in the centre of the action at the gorgeous Hotel Brunelleschi, situated right in the heart of Florence. A historical masterpiece in itself, this four star establishment won’t fail to impress during your stay, and is even rumoured to be where Dan Brown himself stayed whilst writing the book of ‘Inferno’!