What’s your favourite old film?


We love nothing more than a relaxed Friday or Saturday night, settled down with our friends or family, watching a good film. As the temperatures rise around the UK, open air cinemas have never seemed more appealing, and there are some really romantic ones in gorgeous settings all around the UK. The best bit? A lot of these locations show some of our all time favourite old films! So what are you waiting for? Check out which of these amazing open air cinemas are near you and book a ticket to one of the best summer evening activities out there…

Luna-cinema-open-air-cinemasWhat? The Luna Cinema (also known as the UK’s number 1 open air cinema!)

Where? All over the UK from Bournemouth to Edinburgh and everywhere in between!

Best bit? Amazing picturesque locations that add a touch of magic to your favourite old films

Favourite old films playing? Dirty Dancing, Some Like It Hot

Tickets prices start from £9. Find out more here.

Route-66-open-air-cinemasWhat? Route 66 Drive in Cinema – sit in your car to watch the film as the sound plays through your car radio

Where? Manchester and Liverpool

Best bit? You can get hot food served through the passenger seat window for the ultimate American movie, drive-in experience!

Favourite old films playing? Pretty Woman

Tickets prices start from £20. Find out more here.


cult-screens-open-air-cinemasWhat? Cult Screens

Where? Oxford, Reading, Swindon, Uxbridge, Twickenham and Crowthorne

Best bit? Deckchairs and beanbags to sit on make for a comfortable, family friendly experience

Favourite old films playing? Grease

Tickets prices start from £9.50. Find out more here.

eden-arts-open-air-cinemasWhat? Picnic Cinema – pack your favourite finger food and settle down on a rug under the setting sun to watch your favourite films

Where? Cumbria, Lancaster and North Yorkshire

Best bit? Eden Arts, who run the open air cinemas, is a registered charity – so all your money is going to a good cause!

Favourite old films playing? Saturday Night Fever

Tickets prices start from £15. Find out more here.

Nomad-cinema-open-air-cinemasWhat? The Nomad Cinema

Where? In and around London

Best bit? Fantastic settings for a magical movie experience

Favourite old films playing? The Bodyguard

Tickets prices start from £6.75. Find out more here.

moonlight-flicks-open-air-cinemasWhat? Moon Light Flicks

Where? Cheshire

Best bit? Wireless headphones means the sound quality is great and you are totally immersed in the film

Favourite old films playing? The Wizard of Oz

Tickets prices start from £8.50 and under 12s go free! Find out more here.

somerset-house-open-air-cinemasWhat? Summer screenings at Somerset House

Where? London

Best bit? One of the original and the best open air cinemas, this is a London evening experience not to be missed!

Favourite old films playing? West Side Story

Tickets prices start from £16. Find out more here.

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By Rachael Martin