Without the perfect trainer cleaning trick, the satisfaction you get from wearing a brand new pair is, sadly, very short lived.

No matter how many times you try to avoid wearing them on a rainy day, the trainers never look quite as sleek and it is hard to remove the stubborn bits of dirt that cling to the seams.

But don’t lose hope. One woman’s trainer cleaning trick has astounded the internet with its pretty amazing results.

The results might look like the work of magic but luckily it is simply the clever combination of some household products.

According to Twitter user ‘Halloween Queen’ the miracle-working combination is: “1:1.5 baking soda & detergent, scrub with tooth brush, let it sit in for a while, rinse, put in washer, baby powder/dry”.

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It really is as simple as that! You’ll get better results if you remove the laces as these can get stuck in your washing machine. Make sure you put the washing machine on a delicate/gentle setting as you don’t want it to spin too aggressively and tear the fabric.

You might also want to consider putting the trainers inside an old pillowcase to stop them banging around in the drum too much.

The Tweet has received over 300,000 likes, has been shared 100,000 times and has 1,400 comments.

One user said: “Cool tip, thanks!” While another commented: “I am definitely going to try this!”

So whether you like plimsolls or high tops or maybe just a pair of simple running trainers, this trainer hack can keep them all looking in tiptop condition. You’ll never have to say no to white trainers because it’s unpractical again.

Will you be giving it ago?