Great British Bake Off is back (hooray!) but we have noticed a big change in this year’s contestants.


When the series first aired in 2010, the contestants were amateur bakers who had never ventured much further than their family kitchen.

While there’s no denying that the bakers have upped the ante every time round (remember Nadiya’s soda cake?) they have always had baking as their hobby. And other commitments have taken centre stage in their lives.

This year, it’s especially relevant, that the contestants have shown that they are more clued up about the post-show possibilities than ever. Some have already created professional websites and social media platforms to share their brand!

Student Michael Georgiou, 20, has a slick website,, featuring his recipes and blog posts. It even has a swanky In The Press section.

Teaching assistant Benjimina Ebuehi, 23, has a professional-looking website and social media presence. And each foodie pic looking has an air of sophistication.

While there’s no denying that the bakers’ brands are impressive, part of the charm of GBBO was the sense of fun and amateurism about the contestants.

Even baking legend Mary Berry commented that it took longer for the contestants to bond this year than in previous years. Will there be a greater sense of rivalry this time?

Spiced #Orange and #Pomegranate #Baklava cups.

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Not all of this year’s contestants are so clued up, however. Some, like 67-year-old pastor Lee Banfield, don’t even have a Twitter account. However, we think that these low-key contestants could be the underdogs of the competition!

We can’t wait to see the dramas that unfold. Topped off with a generous serving of Mel and Sue’s hilarious double entendres. Hopefully there won’t be any soggy bottoms in the tent!

Bakers’ profiles


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Jane Beedle, 61, garden designer

Jane has already got her finger on the pulse with a Twitter and Instagram account that are solely dedicated to her delicious bakes.

Val Stones, 66, semi-retired teacher

Val reckons she can make the classics with her eyes closed. Judging by her recently set up Instagram feed, it seems like she could be right!

Michael Georgiou, 20, student

The Durham student already has 730 followers on his Twitter account – impressive!

Benjamina Ebuehi, 23, teaching assistant

Benji’s website already looks so professional!

Rav Bansal, 28, student support officer

Inspired by vegan baking and far eastern cuisine, Rav’s Instagram features sleek shots of his own creations. This is as well as photos of food he has enjoyed around the world.

Selasi Gbormittah, 30, banking client service associate

This family man’s Instagram page is a mixture of his bakes at different stages and family photos.

Andrew Smyth, 25, aerospace engineer

This cleverclogs designs jet engines for Rolls-Royce, so we expect his bakes to have perfect precision.

Candice Brown, 31, PE teacher

Candice’s Instagram page is a mixture of bakes, glam selfies and photos of her pug Dennis.

Tom Gilliford, 26, project engagement manager Royal Society of Arts

This savvy contestant has created his own #bakerspaces hashtag. This has encouraged others to get involved with his Bakerspaces vision.

Lee Banfield, 67, pastor

Lee is perhaps the least savvy out of the contestants. Yet you can’t help but find his lack of social media presence endearing!

Louise Williams, 48, hairdresser

Louise promises “good baking with passion and fresh local produce” on her social media accounts. We are excited to see what she has up her sleeve!

Kate Barmby, 37, nurse

Kate has described her bakes as “flawless sugar craft creations”. Yum!