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The countdown to summer is already on. And many of us will be spending our time at the office daydreaming about being transported to a far flung tropical island with personal waiters delivering fruity cocktails, every hour, on the hour.

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But if you’ve ever felt guilty about wiling the hours away thinking about sun-kissed beaches rather than spreadsheets, the latest scientific research will ease your conscience in an instant.

Researchers from New Zealand and Michigan came together to carry out a study that revealed that exposure to “visible blue spaces” can lower “psychological distress”. Our translation:

staring out at crystal clear waters while on the holiday of your dreams is the only sure-fire route to happiness.

Why you should book your summer holiday – here’s the science

book your summer holiday

The researchers mapped the New Zealand city of Wellington. And examining health records they found that those who gazed out at ocean views were generally more zen.

Speaking to Lonely Planet one of the study’s co-authors revealed that brain processes natural backdrops better. That in turn “reduces sensory stimuli and promotes mental relaxation”.

We have literally got one foot out the door, and the other on a plane after reading this news! R & R here we come!