Well we never!

It’s the Marmite of the erotic fiction world, but Fifty Shades of Grey continues to be a bestseller with red room aficionados from around the world. And while some still can’t get enough of the pulse-racing antics between Christian Grey and his lady friend Anastasia, others are getting hot and bothered by an altogether tamer read.

fifty shades of grey

Researchers monitored readers’ body language, emotions and heart rate as they read ten pages of a selection of novels. With an average age of 35 you’d expect the 50 participants to be turning on, rather than off to the series penned by EL James. But it turns out that this group favours sedate over sexy when they’re looking for a good time between the pages.

50 Shades Of Grey

While Fifty Shades had an excitement rating of 52, Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals pipped it on 55! Other genres that got people going more than the multi-million pound bestseller are thrillers on 74, and sci-fi and fantasy on 60.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Are we over it?

But it’s not all bad news for fans of romance, as this genre still tugged at the majority of heartstrings, achieving the highest score of 83.

Psychologist Jo Hemmings said she conducted the study to see what makes a good book.

She added: “The heart prevails when choosing the perfect summer read.”

Still we love the idea that a cookbook collection could be cooking up something rather naughty as well. Mary Berry eat your heart out!