This mum’s response is just wonderful!


For Tina Healy, coming out to her mum as a transgender woman was a very nerve-wracking experience – and definitely not one she expected to have to repeat over 100 times a year!

Tina’s elderly mum suffers from dementia, so for the past three-and-a-half years since she came out, Tina’s had to tell her over and over again that she’s chosen to live as a woman every time she visits her.

Tina needn’t have worried though, as each time she relays the news to her dear old mum, she has exactly the same response – ‘Well what do you know? I’ve got a beautiful new daughter!’ Followed by ‘Come here love’ and one of those brilliant mum hugs.


Tina said: ‘I’m kind of the luckiest one of all because I get to come out to mum 100 times a year and every time, she’s beautiful.

‘She just gives me the same beautiful reaction that she did, almost word for word.’

Tina wanted to make the transition for many years, but was scared of letting down her 4 children and former partner Tess. She was also worried that the news would be too much for her mum to handle.

However, now she’s happier than ever and finally comfortable in her own skin.

‘My life is so different. I mean, I can be myself,’ she explained. ‘I’m not as anxious anymore. I’m much more peaceful and calm. I’m happy.’

Could this be the cutest coming out story ever?