Give it a go… The results are surprisingly accurate!



We all react differently to different situations and psychologists believe this is due to each of us having different dominant personality traits.

This test reveals which personality trait applies to you by which colour your subconscious is most drawn to.

Just look at this image and then choose from this list of colours the one that stands out the most.






Check out what your dominant personality trait is here…

Pink Courage

You rarely shy away from difficult situations and people admire your strength of character. If you think something, you say it and people respect you for it. You also have an adventurous streak and love discovering new places.

White Logical

You are very measured and reasonable. In hectic situations, you are the one who can keep calm and find a solution. You are very laid back and easy to be around.

Yellow Kindness

People warm to you because of your compassionate and caring nature, you are a joy to be around! You rarely have a bad work to say about anyone and have a positive outlook on life.

Blue Positivity

You radiate positive energy, always finding the best in situations. You make friends easily as you always see the best in people. People with a positive attitude are more likely to be happy, as they see the world around them as a happier place.

Purple Passion

Everything you do, you do with passion! This means you are very hard working and sincere. You are likely to do a profession that you care deeply about. Anyone in an argument with you better watch out, as you have also got a firey temper!