This customised wedding dress is truly gorgeous!

Today’s brides are more willing than ever to push the boundaries when it comes to creating their dream wedding. From one-of-a-kind wedding favours to unique wedding videos, creativity is the name of the game for modern brides.

This was certainly the case for one creative bride whose unique one-of-a-kind wedding dress went viral online after pictures of her big day were published! The post clocked up 67,000 likes and more than 90,000 shares in just four days. And the gorgeous gown attracted so much attention that the bride was compelled to share her story.

An artist based in California, bride Taylor Ann Linko loves and works with colour in her designs. She married on the 25th June 2016 in her home state and wanted a dress that reflected her love of vibrant colour.

Commenting on Facebook the bride explained:

“I’m the Bride, a professional artist of all kinds (@taylorannart) [and I] handmade just about everything for my wedding. The photographer is @jamestangphotography.”

Taylor goes into more detail on her website, Here she explains how she discovered and customised the dress.

After purchasing an all white dress from a discount store, Taylor decided she wanted to add a personal twist that would really make her gown stand out from the crowd.

Following a sizing change at a local alterations store and the addition of some pretty straps, Taylor set about working her magic. The bride had originally experimented with adding coloured pieces of lace to the hem of her dress. But when this didn’t prove to be the right fit she came up with an ingenious idea.

Mixing paint with a fabric setting solution she airbrushed at least 3 layers of paint on each layer of fabric, as well as the inside of the lace edge. After initial concerns that her efforts wouldn’t produce the result she wanted, she was truly wowed by the finished product.

Her resulting wedding dress made a striking leap from ordinary to truly extraordinary.With a rainbow of colours cascading down the bottom portion.

The world is wowed by her design

The original and colourful design received a multitude of praise from admirers online. One person commented on Facebook that the dress was, “the most beautiful wedding dress I have seen”.

Another praised Taylor’s design aesthetic for the day:

“Forget the dress! That bouquet is everything!!! I’ve never in my life had a desire to get married. But after seeing this, I’m inspired and I know exactly what I’d want at my wedding!”

Another user added:

“Gorgeous and what a wonderful display of your artist talent! Love it! Congratulations on your beautiful wedding.”

And the positive comments kept on coming:

Comment viral wedding dress

quirky wedding dress

Overwhelmed by the response to her design, the bride commented on Facebook:

“I just love color, was not expecting the attention. My hubby and new family loved all the art and it was an incredible day.”

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