Nothing ruins a party quite like a glass of Merlot making its mark on your brand new cream sofa. And while its customary to reach for the nearest bottle of white to undo the damage done by our favourite tipple, there’s nothing more painful than wasting good pinot grigio on the task at hand.

red wine stain

Thankfully a restaurant owner from across the pond has come up with an ingenious alternative. And wine lovers everywhere are sure to love it. Montreal restaurant owner Christophe Jasmin – who runs Thazard restaurant – has seen a plonk spillage or two in his time.

And with his expertise to draw on, he has come up with a fail-safe formula that is sure to win every time you hit upon a wine stain.

How to get red wine out of carpet

Speaking to Wine Folley, Christophe said:

“I start by bringing some milk to a boil (enough to cover the stain), [then] remove it from the heat before it actually boils.

‘“Soak the stained part of the material in there for approximately 30 minutes.

“Then rinse it with cold water, and finally throw it in the washing machine with the rest of my clothes.

“Any cycle (yes, even delicate) will do. Works every time for me.”

With a pint of milk costing around 60p, we’re raising a glass to this home hack! If you’re wondering how a humble glass of milk has suddenly been elevated to superstar status, here’s the science.

It’s said that the phenolic compounds that give wine its colour prefer to be in an organic fatty substance like milk. So when you give your wine soaked items a milk bath, they are drawn to it and away from your newly purchased white shirt.

Finally the answer we’ve been looking for. We really can’t wait to put this to the test!