Psychologists have always insisted there is a relationship between a person’s reaction to an ink blot and their subconscious.

Historically, the ‘Inkblot Test’ was a way to measure a person’s state of mind through showing them various ink marks and asking them about what they associated the patterns with.

This test uses some of those traditional inkblot patterns to determine your personality.

Just look at the word and take a minute to focus on it, then look at the two markings below. Choose the one that you are drawn to – go with your gut!

It’s as simple as that!



LEFT IMAGE: You’re a colourful, vibrant person who sees the best in everything. Perhaps a tad messy at times, but you have a big heart and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

RIGHT IMAGE: You’re neat, tidy and pay attention to detail. You like to keep everything in order and are exceptionally organised. 



LEFT IMAGE: You tend to have a hot head and get angry quickly. But you’re also warm, passionate and quick to forgive. 

RIGHT IMAGE: You can be a little introverted, never wanting to make a fuss. It’s ok to show people how you really feel sometimes, so try and be more trusting. 



LEFT IMAGE: You’re a people person who loves spending time with others. Your biggest fear is loneliness. 

RIGHT IMAGE: You have a vivid imagination and tend to think the worst about situations. You get anxious quite easily and like to be in control. 

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