We know £50,000 is a lot of money but before you jump to say yes, think about what it involves to be a nanny in a haunted house... You have to live there!

One family is in search of the perfect nanny and they are willing to pay a pretty impressive salary to right candidate.

A wage of £50,000 is pretty significant, especially when you take into account the fact that the chosen candidate gets their own private bedroom, en-suite and kitchen. Hello rent-free life! Not to mention they are also including 28-days holiday, plus bank holidays on top of that. The job involves looking after two young children, aged two and five, and need a nanny who can prepare breakfast, take the children to school, help with homework and bedtime.

As with most things that sound too good to be true, this job application comes with a huge catch. The house is thought to be haunted. Nonsense, we hear you say. And we thought the same, until we looked into the house’s history…

The family live in the idyllic setting of the Scottish Borders. They have a ‘lovely, spacious, historic property’ with ‘spectacular views’.


The family have lived in the house for nearly 10 years and were warned before they bought it that it could be haunted. In the past year they have lost five nannies who have cited strange and eerie supernatural incidents. The incidents include strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving around the house by itself…

The supernatural incidents have only ever occurred when the parents are not in the house. The mother says that they have never experienced any supernatural happenings but due to the nature of her and her husband’s jobs they are often required to work away from home for up to four nights a week.

Understandably,  the family are now desperate to find a permanent candidate because the upheaval is difficult for the children to handle. The family want to be ‘as up-front as possible’ to find the right person and are willing to pay about the asking right to get the best possible person for their children.

If you’re tough enough, you can send your application via the childcare.co.uk website. Do you have what it takes? We would love to find out if you get the job!