When they’re not attending official banquets, or dining with Heads Of State, Presidents or other kings and queens from around the world, the royal family eat in the comfort of their own home. Although they might have their own chefs to cook their weekly meals, the royals favourite foods are just like ours – so you won’t find the Queen snacking on caviar or the Duchess of Cambridge sipping on champagne!


It’s well known that Kate’s diet primarily consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and juices, although she has admitted that she enjoys Indian food (who doesn’t love a takeaway?!) and is a fan of spicy food – unlike Prince William who can’t stomach anything too hot or spicy. Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge like to snack on popcorn – we wonder whether they go for sweet or salted?


However, there’s one food that William in particular loves – that unfortunately, wife Kate isn’t allowed to eat at the moment! On a recent royal visit, the Duke revealed he’s not much cop in the kitchen, but does have one signature dish he turns to when he’s at a loose end.

People magazine reported that Wills admitted, “I like a roast. So a bit of roast chicken or a steak.

“I like it medium rare. I like it quite alive.”

Former Buckingham Palace cook Darren McGrady, who spent 11 years cooking for the royal family, has also revealed what the royals love to eat behind closed doors – and some of them are quite surprising!

Darren originally worked for the Queen, and he revealed that she’s quite the chocoholic, with her favourite sweet treat being Darren’s homemade chocolate mousse. A woman after our own heart!

After Princess Diana and Prince Charles split up, Darren went to work for Diana personally, and he was charged with helping her maintain her healthy eating habits.


Darren revealed to the Daily Mail that the late Princess liked to watch her figure and instructed him, “You take care of the fats, I’ll take care of the carbs at the gym,'” when he was cooking her meals.

Even though Princess Diana liked to eat well, she also liked to indulge occasionally too! Apparently her weakness was bread and butter pudding, and Darren revealed that her guilty pleasure was to go into the kitchen whenever he was making it so she could eat all the raisins off the top. We love this!

Is Kate Middleton’s favourite food the key to the Duchess of Cambridge’s diet?

When super slim Kate has sugar cravings, she doesn’t reach for her favourite chocolate bar or a piece of cake with her tea. A source revealed that Kate satisfies her sugar cravings a super healthy way, “One of her favourites is a puree of berries and almond milk — whenever she’s having sugar cravings, she’ll throw one of those together,” revealed the source.

Kate Middleton's favourite food

What is the royal family favourite food?

So, Kate likes to be good and stick to fruit juices, but the Queen indulges in the odd chocolate mousse. The Duchess enjoys Indian food but the Duke hates spicy dishes – so it must be difficult to please all members of the royal family at once!

However, former royal family chef Enrico Derflingher managed to find a dish that suited everyone’s preferences. The Italian cook revealed that his take on a ‘Queen Victoria Risotto’ was, “a favourite of the royal household.” The royal family favourite is made with Sicilian red shrimps, parmesan, herbs and Italian sparkling wine. Sounds like a delicious seafood dish!

And lastly, there’s something that you will NEVER see the royals eating…

A Big Mac? Or maybe a microwave meal? Actually, far from it. According to various sources, the royal family are actually forbidden from eating shellfish. Why? Because of the risks of food poising associated with the food. So no crabs, King Prawns or mussels for William, Kate and the rest of the clan.

Along the same line of thinking, the royals are also apparently advised against eating red meat that might be cooked rare or drinking the tap water while they are in foreign countries – which may well be why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge insisted on a vegetarian only diet while they completed their royal tour of India and Bhutan in 2016.

This is supposedly to avoid the royals having an stomach problems or digestion issues whilst away. As they wouldn’t want a sudden illness to interfere with their busy schedules. Seems sensible to us!