No matter the goal, these tips will keep you on the right path

After two weeks of indulging over the festive period, it’s only natural for our thoughts to turn to new year’s resolutions.

The trouble is, only around 10% of us manage to keep our promises past a couple of months – so why don’t we stick to our guns?

Apparently, there’s a scientific term for our failures – it’s called ‘false hope syndrome’ – fuelled by unrealistic expectations of the speed, amount, ease and consequences of the goal. Sound familiar?

The key to tackling your 2020 goals is being realistic – start by making a practical promise that you know you can keep. If your pledge is to cut down on sugar, an immediate ban on every treat most likely won’t last. Try removing one thing from your diet to start with (sweet cereals at breakfast, for example) and go from there.

In fact, the best thing to do is to set one resolution and focus on that – rather than choose two or three and give up within the first few days! Get that under control before you set your mind to anything else.

Get the family on board, too. It’s one thing trying to eat healthier, exercise more or drink less alcohol by yourself, but with your team behind you your chances of success will vastly improve. Try and choose a goal that you and a partner or friend can achieve together, and motivate each other.

Most importantly, don’t forget that punishing yourself is the worst thing you can do. Making a change or giving up something is never easy – so don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon!

See each day as a new start. If you have a treat day, enjoy it! Then get back to your new routine the next day.

Happy New Year!