Don’t let this humid weather get the better of you – here’s how to sleep in the muggy heat…

Hot, humid weather inevitably often equals an uncomfortable night’s sleep. And although these pesky summer showers keep insisting on making an appearance and catching us without an umbrella, the humidity still looks set to continue this week.

Getting to sleep in a climate we’d more readily associate with the tropics has been pretty difficult. Not only does the heat raise our body temperature, making it harder to nod off, when we finally do it’s not long before we wake again, feeling groggy and dehydrated.

Without air con to see us through this muggy weather, what can we do to make getting our eight hours a bit easier? Well, quite a few things actually. By adjusting your nightly routine with a few simple changes, you can ensure that you’re much more likely to get to sleep and stay asleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next day.

Bad sleep can affect pretty much everything, from your skin to your state of mind. It can make your irritable, less productive, more hungry, and even more likely to put on weight. Don’t let this muggy weather get the better of you – follow our advice for how to sleep in the muggy heat…



Try to opt for natural cotton sheets when you can, which are more breathable. Bed linen expert and co-founder of Tielle Love Luxury, Robert Lancaster Gaye said: “Cotton may have a natural beauty and luxe factor 5* hotels love but it’s also one of the most breathable fabrics, cleverly wicking moisture away from the skin. Helping to keep the body cool on warm days yet warm on cool days, some sleeping beauties prefer the feel of cotton percale in summer as it’s cool and crisp on the skin.”



Snoozing in ‘spread eagle’ position, where your arms and legs aren’t touching each other, is best for reducing body heat and letting air circulate around your body. We’re not too sure what your partner will think about this one, but it DOES work!



Run cool water over your pulse points before bed and give your face a quick splash to bring your body temperature down. You could also try keeping a small ice pack by your bed to place on your forehead, the back of your neck, wrists and ankles to keep cool during the night. These are the spots that tend to generate more heat.

4. QUIET YOUR MINDinsomnia

Summer is a busy time when we often drink and socialise more, and winding down from this can be trickier. Practice calming your mind with meditation techniques and try not to let yourself go through the day’s events, especially stressful times – that’s a recipe for insomnia!



Close the curtains during the daytime when you’re out of the house, as this will stop the heat coming in from the sunlight throughout the day. Perhaps invest in some blackout blinds for the summer time – no one wants to wake up at 5am with sunlight streaming through the window – especially not on a Saturday!



Warmer weather inevitably means that you’ll be thirstier throughout the night. Make sure you’re fully hydrated by sipping on water throughout the evening, then making sure you drink another glass of water before bed.

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