Is your surname on the list?

If you are the bearer of one of a list of unusual Scottish surnames you could be in line to inherit a castle.

Scottish castle

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Yep, that’s right, your surname could bag you eligibility to claim 425 empty estates across the Highlands worth up to £370,000.

A list of unclaimed estates in Scotland has been published, with mansions, land and even castles up for grabs, all totting up to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

While some names on the list are faily rare, there’s lots of common names on there too.

The properties and the land have been left unclaimed by owners who have passed away without leaving a will or identifying a next of kin.

In Scotland, when somebody dies without leaving their assets to someone, anything that isn’t claimed will fall under the care of the crown and then are then placed in the care of The Office of Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer.

In 2016, the Succession Act passed by the Scottish govermment made the process of claiming estates easier by removing the requirement to obtain a ‘bond of caution’. This is a type of insurance provided only by a few firms in the UK.

You can check to see if your name is on the list here.

If you think you are entitled to a claim, you can apply here.

Names of those in with a chance of bagging themselves a brand new house include Wyllie, Cochrane, Chisolm, Gaja, Stelfox. Carlin, Hunniball, Malone-Philban and Raube.

While more common names on the list include Clark, Brown, Hughes and Burns.

It is also thought that there are around 8,000 unclaimed estates across England and Wales.