Slipping into the ‘holiday spirit’ by getting tipsy on Prosecco before your outbound holiday flight could be a thing of the past if one of Britain’s best-known airlines gets their way.

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Budget airline Ryanair is calling on UK airports to bring in a rule stating that passengers can only have two drinks before boarding flights in future – and with good reason. According to a Panorama investigation, the amount of drunken passengers being arrested has risen by 50% in just a year.

Not only are drunken passengers a nuisance and an ongoing issue for cabin crew, but they are also a danger to themselves and others.

Former airhostess Ally Murphy revealed on the BBC Breakfast show this week that in the past, she’s had drunken passengers trying to open the plan door mid-flight, and has also been subjected to harassment and assault.

“People just see us as barmaids in the sky” she explained.

“They would touch your breasts, or they’d touch your bum or your legs. I’ve had hands going up my skirt before.”

In order to try and combat the problem, Ryanair already bans customers from drinking any alcohol they might have purchased in Duty Free on their planes. In addition, they have rules which stops their passengers flying from either Glasgow Prestwick or Manchester to Alicante and Ibiza from boarding their aircrafts with any alcohol whatsoever.

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Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said: “This is an issue which the airports must now address.

“We are calling for significant changes to prohibit the sale of alcohol at airports, particularly with early morning flights and when flights are delayed.”

It is already a criminal offence to enter a plane whilst drunk or to be drunk onboard an aircraft. Despite the fact that the maximum sentence for this offence is two years in jail, is appears that many passengers take no heed of the potential penalties.

The Home Office is apparently “considering” enforcing tougher rules on alcohol in airports in the future.