A new coin design has been released into circulation and could possibly the rarest coin in Britain.

The new silver Peter Rabbit design, which features a rabbit emblazoned onto the front and the words ‘Peter Rabbit’, is emblazoned on a batch of 50p coins.

Only four hundred of the 2019 coins have been released into circulation, meaning that it could possibly actually be the rarest coin in the country.

rare peter rabbit coin released circulation

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However, the coins have not been officially released into circulation by the Royal Mint.

They were released as commemorative coins by the Royal Mint earlier this year and sold on the coin makers’ website.

Customers could buy the coins for £10 each to keep as a commemorative piece of memorabilia, but they are actually still legal tender as well.

So a group of coin enthusiasts called The Great British Coin Hunt has decided to release 400 of the coins into circulation, spending them in coffee shops, parking metres, coin change machines and vending machines.

Retailers are not required to accept the coins if they decide against it, but the rare coins can be used if accepted.

They are also perfectly fine to be used in machines, such as gaming machines, vending machines and parking metres.

However, they are only worth 50p, rather than the £10 they cost, so if you do buy one and choose to release it into circulation, you will be losing out on £9.50.

However, if you find one, you could use it as a normal 50p – but it may also be worth some extra cash.

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Due to the fact that the coins are so rare, some coin collectors could be willing to pay a lot of money for it.

This time last year, a Peter Rabbit coin that was minted back in 2016 sold at auction for £840, so this year’s version could be worth a similar amount.