If a special trip to New York is on your bucket list, but you can’t quite justify the steep price tag, look no further. A budget airline that you’ve most likely never heard of is here to save the day, where a cheap flight to New York could cost you just over  £100!

Meet, Primera Air. The budget Scandinavian airline is the latest to start selling transatlantic flight for affordable prices.

Primera are offering a very cheap flight to New York…

From April 2018, the little-known airline will be offering services from London Stansted and Birmingham to New York’s Newark Airport, just outside the city. And the best part? Price start from just £121 one way, or £271 return.

Given that flights to New York can reach highs of £600 (for economy), we’d say that’s a pretty good deal! For example, a flight from London to JFK airport on 6th November (return), would set you back around £511.

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You could be glimpsing the New York City skyline for cheaper than ever…

The airline is also offering cut-price flights to the city of Boston, if that’s more your style.

However, given that it’s a budget airline, don’t expect all the plush mod-cons you might see from a more upmarket offering. The price is for the flight and the flight alone. That means that if you’re wanting to select a seat, or check in any luggage, you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

So how much extra might you pay? Well, travelling with a standard 23kg bag (which most flights allow) will cost you are £25, each way. Meals will also cost you £30 extra each way.

And then there’s the seats. Much like any cheaper airline, the legroom offering isn’t exactly spacious, but is sufficient – think a Ryanair trip to Majorca. To reserve a seat, you’ll have to pay around £22.

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But there is an option if you really do want your space to be a little more roomy. You can pay £40 for an extra legroom seat, and a palatial exit seat will set you back around £55. However, rumour has it that even the extra legroom seat is only as spacious as a standard economy seat with BA.

So what else can you expect for your budget flight to NY? Excitingly, the airline actually does have a few perks, with onboard charging facilities, and free WiFi! Sounds good to us!

cheap flight to new york

So it’s up to you to weigh up the options. Given that a flight to New York City takes around six hours from London, the downsides might be a price you’re well willing to pay. But it might be hard to sniff at such a good value flight…