There's a hidden surprise!

When it comes to planning for the big day, it’s the wedding dress that’s usually the star of the show. But decisions over tulle or taffeta could soon fall by the wayside if one designer has anything to do with it.

Sophia Webster launched her bridal shoe collection in March this year. And rather than sticking to the classic white slipper, she decided to give brides-to-be the full Cinderella experience.

popular wedding shoes

With their icy blue finish and gem encrusted heels her Coco Crystal courts certainly look like something the Disney Princess would wear. But while the delicate design is reason enough to warrant their £395 price tag, its what’s underneath that has really taken the wedding world by storm!

The internet is wowed

Inscribed on the bottom of these striking shoes is a cheeky slogan that’s resonated with would-be brides across the country. While one shoe says ‘Wifey’ the other says ‘For Lifey’, pulling at the heartstrings of romantics everywhere.

popular wedding shoes

The stunning shoes soon became a hit on Instagram, and Sophia explained the reasons behind their social media appeal.

“My shoes lend themselves to Instagram: They are colourful and visual” she told the Telegraph. She went on to add: “I do design them to be photographed. A lot of people do buy them because they will look so good in pictures.”

At the time of designing the shoes Sophia hadn’t yet walked up the aisle. But that didn’t mean she didn’t understand what it takes to create a truly magical bridal experience. As she explains:

“As the collection was being brought to life I imagined all sorts of women slipping into the shoes and feeling like queens for that special day. With that in mind I wanted to use really feminine touches like satin uppers, crystal heels and gem stones, all in delicate tones that would work with classic dresses but add a little flourish.”
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