For busy women, applying some last-minute lippie or a slick of mascara on the go is not a big deal.

But when one woman started touching up her make-up on the underground this NYE, she was met with some rather harsh criticism.

A man was overheard commenting: ‘”Don’t do that, it’s vulgar,”, publicly shaming in a busy tube carriage.

But rather than ignoring the rude comments, the other women in the carriage came together and showed this mouthy individual a thing or two about the solidarity of sisterhood.

Other women in the carriage grabbed their make-up bags, suddenly all having the urge to fix their lippie in unison.

And one tweeter gave us a live account of the action:

Bloke has just told the woman he’s with not to put makeup on on the Tube. Every other woman in the carriage is now fixing their makeup.

— @rosamundi December 31, 2016


Another twitter user responded, ‘@rosamundi a strange man on the bus once told me “putting make up on in public is very unbecoming of a lady”.’

To which @rosamundi said: ‘I don’t normally do makeup in public in case I poke myself in the eye, but we all treated it like a declaration of war.’

Others thought the advice could have been friendly…

But whatever the reason he said it, one things for sure… Hell hath no fury like a woman on the underground!

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