Picture the scene. It’s been a hectic day at the office, your favourite pair of Uggs have turned to mush as you slosh your way home through the snow your realise you’ve left your phone on the your work desk. The only comfort? That bottle of Shiraz you ordered earlier in the day. Sadly your neighbour – who’s normally your delivery go-to – is on a Paris mini break! Cue tears, tantrums and well..a whole lotta thirst.

The good news is that one company has worked its magic to address this scenario, creating a slick bottle of wine that fits neatly through your letterbox. British firm Garçon Wines’ has invented a flattened plastic bottle that holds 750ml of plonk – that’s three medium glasses to you and me. And most importantly its shipped in a cuboid box.

While wine aficionados may be a little hesitant to sup on anything that doesn’t come in a glass bottle, the creators have assured potential buyers that it’s still good drinking.

letterbox wine

Co-founder Santiago Navarro told the Sun Online:

“We are not supplying fine wines that would be put in cellars in months or years.

“The wines will need to be drunk in six to 12 months. Hopefully the majority will be drunk within three months.”

So where do we sign up you say? Well you’ll need to watch this space as the firm are planning to launch subscriptions for deliveries of varying frequencies at around £10 per box. We’re on the countdown already!

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