Introduced last September, the new, hardier £5 notes have been slowly making their way into circulation across the country.

You may have noticed that the new £5 notes are stronger than the old ones. Or, that they’re waterproof unlike their paper counterparts. However, have you noticed the glaring grammatical mistake?!

Eagle-eyed Brits have spotted the mistake and been left baffled as to how the new note was allowed to be printed with such an obvious error.

The new £5 features former Prime Minster of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill, as well as a famous quote of his, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

However, the quote has no speech marks – and no full stop! As pointed out by a spokeswoman for the National Literacy Trust, “If you are referencing a quotation word-for-word, use double quotation marks at the start and end of the quoted section.

“Place full stops and commas inside the quotation marks for a complete quoted sentence.”

In addition, an English lecturer at Oxford University told the Telegraph: “It is a bit peculiar because it looks like it is the Five Pounds that’s speaking and not Winston Churchill.”

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As of May 5th, your old paper £5 notes ceased to be legal tender. This means that it will no longer be accepted by shops. You’ll need to exchange any of your paper £5 notes at the Bank of England for the new polymer £5 note from now on. You can out everything you need to know about the new £5 note at